We aim—first and foremost—to be the most fair, transparent, secure, decentralized, and honest mastercoin on the crypto market. We will do this while specifically appealing to the anime community with exciting features, creating an immediate use-case for the new ANIM coins. This use case is the ability to issue "provably rare" anime-related digital images on the blockhain that can then be traded on a decentralized exchange in return for ANIM coins. What will make all of this possible in a short time frame is that ANIM will begin as a modified fork of the MEME codebase.

To show our appreciation to the amazing MEME development team and community for creating much of the code that we will use to create ANIM, we will be distributing 30% of the initial ANIM coin distribution to owners of MEME on the proposed fork snapshot date, currently targeted to be June 30th, 2018.

Importantly, the following measures are being taken to ensure a provably fair and transparent initial coin distribution, which we believe are critical for the long-term success and decentralization of a proof-of-work based crypto currency:

  • 1) ZERO pre-mine: developers will start mining at the exact same time as everyone else, on a date that will be pre-announced publicly (tentatively on the coin distribution date soon after the snapshot).
  • 2) ZERO development/treasury fund: the development and promotion of ANIM is being fund on a 100% voluntary basis by the community and the developer group.
  • 3) 100% of the initial coin distribution will go to existing owners of ANI (which was fairly distributed with no pre-mine), and to owners of MEME in return for use of their codebase and to align them with our efforts for ANIM.
  • A common question at this point is "Why fork that dead coin? Why not just make a new coin from scratch?"

    There are several reasons why we want to go the fork route, but the main ones are that:

  • A) It's a provably fair way to distribute the initial coins, since anyone can freely buy ANI and MEME on the open market right now, before the fork snapshot date, and receive ANIM.
  • B) It puts a large block of coins (35% of the max supply of ANIM) into the hands of anime/crypto fans who have mostly been involved in the crypto world for a "long time" (since 2014!)
  • C) It puts a large block of coins (15% of the max supply of ANIM) into the hands of the owners and developers of the MEME coin project, which is what ANIM is built on top of. The reason for giving ANIM to MEME owners is two-fold: to align the interests of the MEME community with the goals of ANIM, and to benefit from potential cross-fertilization of code and ideas in the future between both projects, which will be much easier to facilitate if MEME owners are also ANIM owners.

The following measures are being taken to guarantee a secure and non-scammy incentive structure for the ANIM network of miners and masternodes:

  1. The ANIM coin emission schedule will roughly look like Bitcoin's: a maximum of 21mm coins will ever exist.
  2. ANIM will launch with an initial coin distribution of 50% of the maximum number of coins, or 10.5 million; this is analogous to where Bitcoin was on 12/14/2011 (Source: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Controlled_supply)
  3. Unlike all other existing masternode coins, which usually take 40% to 50% of the mining block rewards and give them to masternode owners at the expense of the security of the coin's blockchain, ANIM will give owners of masternodes just 5% of the block reward.
  4. Because there will be no treasury/development fund, the other 95% of the block rewards goes to the miners, as it should since they are the ones making the network secure by investing work (electricity). This is the only provably secure way currently known to have any chance at a truly secure crypto-currency! Whatever small amount of security is sacrificed by giving masternodes 5% of the block reward is likely to be offset by some portion of the miners acting non-economically because they support the goals of ANIM.
  5. In order to incentivize owners of the new ANIM to run masternodes, which will provide much of the new and exciting functionality in the ANIM project, the network will compensate them in other ways besides an allocation of the newly minted ANIM coins: masternodes (which will require at least 1 btc worth of ANIM to run) will have special privileges on the ANIM network to issue unique, indivisible blockchain assets (called Waifu Assets); all other ANIM blockchain assets will require a minimum quantity of 10 and maximum of 10,000.

    Furthermore, Waifu assets will be required to be original/unique to a given anime character, and will be assigned in a decentralized way (through conensus of other masternodes) to ANIM masternode owners on a transparent and fair "first-come, first-serve" basis.

  6. Instead of the hash function used by MEME (X11, similar to DASH), which is theoretically vulnerable to cryptographic pre-image attacks, ANIM will use the same peer-reviewed and secure Equihash algorithm as Z-Cash.

The following section gives an overview of the math behind the initial distribution of ANIM:

First, we look at the circulation of the existing ANI coin:

(Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=749541)

From ANI Announcement Page on bitcointalk:
From ANI Announcement Page on bitcointalk:
Planned ANI distribution schedule according to announcement page:

Putting this all together:

Illustrative Examples:

Suppose Akira owns 8,500,000 ANI that he mined or purchased in 2014, and he holds those ANI coins on 6/30/2018; then Akira will receive:


Suppose Pepina owns 15,000 MEME that she bought in December of 2017 to use for a MEME master node, and she holds those MEME coins on 6/30/2018; then Pepina will recieve:


Future Roadmap:

As mentioned above, the new ANIM will have various features that will be particularly appealing to the community of anime fans.

Users of the ANIM network will be able to issue (for a fee paid in ANIM, as a spam-prevention measure) named image assets on the ANIM blockchain. Users will be able to specify a roughly square-shaped .JPG or .PNG image of under 10 megabytes in size for their asset. The number of ANI it will cost to register the asset is proportionate to the number of bytes used in the image file, with the maximum fee reserved for large 10mb image files. User will then be able to specify, using an easy-to-understand, slick web interface, the details for their asset:

  1. The name of the asset; for example, Faye_Valentine_≤3 (limited to under 20 Unicode characters without spaces)
  2. The quantity of the asset, a whole number greater than 9 and less than 999,999)

Suppose Akira from our earlier example wants to issue a particular Faye_Valentine_<3 asset using the following image, which is an 883kb PNG image:

He will use the to-be-developed ANIM web-wallet to specify the meta-data (asset name and quantity) as well as a link to the image file. The image file will be stored in a decentralized, trustless way which will ensure that ANIM never suffers from dead links and missing images.
This will be accomplished by use of IPFS and hosted by the masternodes:https://ipfs.io/

Akira will have to pay a fee to register his asset. Suppose the pricing is 1 ANIM per kb of image size; then Akira would pay 883 ANIM to register this Faye_Valentine_ <3 asset. He can keep this asset in his ANIM web wallet or paper wallet (we will support generating cool anime-themed paper wallets directly within the ANIM web wallet; see https://walletgenerator.net/?currency=Animecoin ).

Listing fees will be sent to a special ANIM address, and every 10,000 ANIM blocks, half of the ANIM coins in this address will be split among the owners of ANIM masternodes, and the other half will go to a communal fund to contribute towards development and promotion.

Continuing our example, Akira would also specify the quantity of his asset. In this case, suppose he creates 1,000 of this Faye_Valentine_ <3.

Here's where it gets really cool: Akira can also list his Faye_Valentine_ <3 asset on the ANIM decentralized exchange!

But not just any ANIM asset can be listed on the exchange; there will be stricter requirements for listed assets:

Each unique image (and this includes copies of the same image in different resolutions or with minor changes) can only be used once for a single listed ANIM asset. This will be automatically enforced by using a standard image similar algorithm (for example, see http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0923596503001541 or http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/8120017/?reload=true ) that will compare a digital fingerprint of each submitted image file to a database of fingerprints already used for assets on the ANIM blockchain (this database itself will be stored in the ANIM blockchain, making the system robust, decentralized, and trustless).

This image similarity algorithm, which is computationally intensive, will only be run by ANIM masternodes, and is one of the major services they provide to the ANIM network in order to justify taking 5% of the mining block reward. Out of all the ANIM masternodes, 10 will be selected at random (using a random seed generated by taking the hash of the most recent ANIM block) to validate a newly requested image so that the network can check if it is allowed to be listed on the decentalized ANIM exchange (this will be similar to kekdaq.com in the MEME project, or rarepepewallet.com and counterwallet.io). Again, an image will considered valid if it is not a copy (or very similar to) any image that has already been used for a listed ANIM asset on the exchange.

The next week, another user, Gatsu, could also issue a listed asset using a different image of the same character, say this one:

However, Gatsu would have to choose a different name for his asset because ANIM asset names are unique. For example, Gatsu could call his asset "❤Faye❤" (recall that any non-whitespace unicode character can be used).

Returning to our example, if more than 7 of the 10 randomly selected masternodes agree that the image is valid, then it is accepted onto the exhange for tradin with other ANIM users in a trustless way! Akira can set the price he wants for his 1,000 Faye_Valentine_ <3 assets; he can set a high price (say, 50,000 ANIM), but then he might struggle to entice buyers. Or he could set a low price, like 50 ANIM (the minimum price will be 1 ANIM as an anti-spam measure; there is no maximum price), in which case he might quickly sell 75 of his Faye_Valentine_<3 assets, leaving him with 925 that he might set at a higher price later. It 's all up to him to decide! He can either maximize his profit or try to distribute he asset as widely as possible.

In this way, the ANIM network and blockchain will enable the creation of genuinely RARE anime assets that can be traded with others for ANIM coins without requiring a trusted 3rd party, like bittrex.com

But "regular" ANIM assets listed on the exchange are only somewhat rare, because each one will have a quantity of at least 10.

To create truly unique, one-of-a-kind assets (called a "Waifu Asset"), a user will have to run an ANIM masternode.


In order to to run an ANIM masternode, a user will need to send a certain number of ANIM coins to an address in their own ANIM wallet in a single transaction.

The number of required ANIM should be high enough so that there aren't a huge number of masternodes; we need to have some masternodes to keep the network working well, but this number is closer to 200 masternodes rather than 10,000 of them (on the other hand, ANIM needs as much mining hash power as it can get, since this is what makes the currency secure and scarce!).

The number of ANIM required will be set in the following way:

Following the fork date when ANIM is distributed, in the 1 month period following the listing of ANIM on Cryptopia/Bittrex (whichever is first), we will take the volume weighted average price of ANIM in BTC terms; that is, the price of each ANIM transaction on the exchange in BTC terms (say for example, 0.00056 BTC) times the % of total 1-month volume traded at that price.

Suppose that volume weighted average price (VWAP for short) is 0.000425 BTC per ANIM. Then we propose that making an ANIM masternode will require 1 BTC worth of ANIM at the VWAP, or:


Similar to other masternode coins, users can run as many masternodes as they desire; the only requirement is that they own the required number of ANIM for each masternode they want to run.

Masternodes receive a number of special perks and benefits in the ANIM network:

  1. They split among themselves 5% of the total future ANIM mining block rewards that are paid out; whatever that 5% of the block reward amounts to for a given block will be divided by the number of active masternodes, and each masternode will receive their share of the amount at the same time block rewards are paid to miners of ANIM. Note that only active ANIM masternodes participate in the 5% block reward: to be considered active, a masternode must maintain a certain uptime % when it is responsive to pings from other ANIM masternodes, and the masternode must also participate in the duplicate image detection process when it is called upon to do so in the randomized selection process. To make sure that a masternode isn't "cheating" by not actually running the CPU intensive processes (of which the duplicate image detection is the major example), their responses will be compared to the other randomly selected Masternodes, and if it is in the minority (say, the other 9 images report a new image as being invalid, but one masternode says it is valid), that masternode that disagrees will be skipped over for the next 10 of the 5% block reward payouts.

  2. They have the special power to issue unique one-of-a-kind ANIM assets that are tied to a specific anime character; these will be known as Waifu Assets. Each ANIM masternode will be allowed to generate a new Waifu asset 4 times a year, which will be implemented in the code by counting the number of ANIM blocks. Since ANIM will have a 2-minute average block creation interval, we can calculate the number of blocks that must be added to the ANIM blockchain since the last block in which the mastenode generated a Waifu Asset:

Days between Waifu Issuance: 91.31

Average Block Creation Time in Minutes: 2.0

ANIM Blocks Generated per Day: 720

Required Blocks between Waifu Issuance: 65,750

Waifu Assets are automatically allowed to be listed on the exchange after they are created by a masternode, but the creation process is much stricter than for regular ANIM assets:

Before a new Waifu asset is permited to be created with a given image file, all of the other masternodes will be given a period of 1,000 ANIM blocks to vote on whether to allow the requested Waifu. Unlike the restriction on duplicate/similar images, which can be regulated using a fully automatic algorithm that doesn't require human intervention, the rule for Waifus is that only one Waifu is permitted per unique anime character. Since an image of the Faye Valentine character could look lots of different ways depending on the artist and style/outfit/etc., this part requires a different procedure to implement, which is why the decision will be made by majority vote of the other masternodes.

Proposed Waifus will have to specify the unique character they want using the ANIM web wallet, where you will be required to specity the exact character desired by providing the URL corresponding to that character on www.animecharacterdatabase.

Suppose Akira really likes Faye and wants to make her his Waifu. As long as no other masternode has already selected Faye, and assuming that the required number of ANIM blocks has elapsed since Akira last generated a Waifu, Akira will paste the following link into the Waifu form in his ANIM web wallet:


The other masternodes will then check the database of used Waifu character URLs (which is stored in the ANIM blockchain), and if the Faye URL does not appear in the list of used URLs, then Akira is free to issue his Faye Waifu, and the Faye URL is added to the list to prevent someone else from registering another Faye.

Waifu names will be required to match the name field in the animecharactersdatabase.com site (but with spaces replace with the "_" character), and all such names will be reserved for Waifus at the launch of the network. This is to prevent "cyber-squatting," where a user creates a normal, non-Waifu, ANIM asset and names it Faye_Valentine Because of the required uniqueness of ANIM asset names, this would conflict with the Waifu name, creating confusion.

What is the point of all this? By allowing only Waifu Assets to be unique, the ANIM network creates true scarcity. If Akira is a huge Faye fan, he will want to own the Faye Waifu even if it costs a lot of ANIM to buy it! Alternatively, Akira may see that no one has registered the Faye Waifu asset yet, and he will rush to set up his ANIM masternode so that he can issue the Waifu himself.

This generates demand for ANIM, since it will cost a lot of ANIM to make a masternode. And we all know how possesive anime fans are about their favorite characters!

But if ANIM takes off and is a success, the money Akira spends on buying the ANIM required to make his masternode so he can issue his Faye Waifu may prove to be a great investment. Why? Suppose Gatsu learns about ANIM 6 months after Akira, and Gatsu is not only a huge Faye fan, but Gatsu is also rich (suppose he bought BTC in 2010!). Then Gatsu can use the decentralized exchange to make an offer to Akira to purchase his Faye Waifu for 250,000 ANIM coins. Akira can decide that he doens't care about the money and doesn't want to lose his Faye Waifu, or he can decide to take the money and sell the Faye Waifu to Gatsu and take the ANIM coins in payment.

Note that Gatsu does not have to run a masternode to purchase Faye Waifu, he just needs a masternode to issue the Waifu originally. Assuming Gatsu does buy the Faye Waifu from Akira, this transaction will be recorded in the ANIM blockchain (just like all ANIM asset traded on the decentralized exchange). Once the Faye Waifu is safely stored in Gatsu's ANIM wallet and confirmed by a certain number of nodes as being valid, Gatsu will be able to submit another image of Faye if he prefers; this image will be required to be approved by at least 50 other ANIM masternodes over a 1,000 block period; the reason for this is to prevent trolling, where a user maliciously tries to change the image file for the Faye Waifu asset to be something offensive, like a swastika or pornography.

This collectability aspect of ANIM assets is what makes the project interesting and special. It is only though the power of the decentralized blockchain that such rareness can be created in a fair, transparent way that can't be gamed or manipulated.

In order to avoid the situation in the current art world, where huge amounts of money are spent on paintings by artists from 300 years ago while there are so many starving young artsts, the ANIM developers will be starting a decenralized non-profit fund (the "Foundation") to support young artists who apply with free ANIM. The ANIM community itself will get to vote on who should receive these coins, with anyone holding more than 100 ANIM coins in a single address able to cast a single vote. While this foundation will initially be funded by voluntary contributions, we will have a mechanism in place whereby 25% of the sales proceeds from any sale of a Waifu asset on the ANIM decentralized exchange (note that this only applies to Waifu assets, not ordinary ANIM assets) will be automaticlaly sent to the Foundation fund. This is essentially a tax on future "ANIM whales" who try to control large numbers of Waifus. It would be analogous to forcing the seller of the recently sold Leonardo painting (which sold for a record $450 million) to give 25% of that amount to lots of young up and coming artists. We think this could be a valuable way to support the community long term. The best part is that this support does not come at the expense of the security of the coin's blockchain. Unlike most coins that implement a fund/foundation, the coins for the foundation are not diverted from miners, which will make ANIM more attractive to miners, thus improving the security of ANIM network.

We predict that the mad rush to get as many ANIM Waifus as early as possible will be a powerful way to "bootstrap" interest in the ANIM project. But once ANIM coins reach some threshold of value, say a market cap for ANIM of over $100 million, there is no reason why ANIM coins can't serve as a perfectly good general crypto-currency. Sure, they will have this extra functionality for trading and issuing ANIM assets, but they are also a provably scarce, fairly mined, PoW crypto currency with all the same characteristics that made Bitcoin so valuable.

That is to say, ANIM could eventually transcend its origins as an Anime related project and be used for other things; for example, as a generic crypto currency for creating provably rare digital art of any kind that can be traded in a decentralized exchange. Stranger things have happned: recall that Mt Gox began as a Magic the Gathering website!

This proposal is a draft, and the feedback of the community is much desired! Please join our public discord channel to tell us what you think:https://discord.gg/PyGVpQH