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AnimeCoin Partners with Collateral Damage Studios

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AnimeCoin partnered with CDS to re-brand and design a new mascot from the ground up! With the creative direction of the Bizurk / team, CDS was able to produce the new AnimeCoin official mascot, “Anico.”

Anico Animation by Vnxxnt09

Our clients include IDW, Anime Expo and Loot Crate. Some of the more interesting work we do involves mascots. We did the mascot designs for Internet Explorer, Anime Festival Asia and (yes) Nutaku.” – Ng KC, General Manager

Thoughts on the AnimeCoin Project

AnimeCoin intends to build a platform for artists to trade and sell their digital artwork. Blockchain technology will help verify ownership and ensure digital art is not stolen! Ng KC of CDS had this to say about the technology AnimeCoin is developing:

AnimeCoin Mascot Design Sheet by CDS

The art community has always been welcoming of new technology and happy to experiment with it, even if it might not be something familiar. There is a publication platform, Civil, that intends to use blockchain technology to protect journalists against

 censorship and intellectual property disputes. If it can work for journalism, why not anime art? It might sound more frivolous but given the concern that artists always have for art theft, applying the technology to enforce appropriate credits and ownership will be quite a boon to artists.

It is common for us to encounter art theft, be it from unscrupulous China-based manufacturers or Twitter/Instagram art-sharing accounts with their “Credits to the artist”. Previously, it has been almost impossible for artists to actively discover these acts of copyright infringement and take action on it. So the concept of a blockchain-based platform that allows creators to maintain control and ownership of their creation through digital fingerprinting and tracing is very appealing indeed!” – Ng KC 

Mascot Fan Art

Recently after unveiling the new mascot, we have received some incredible fan art of Anico!

Fan art by Lukrio99990

Fan art by NuggetSenpai

Fan art by Beelzezlover

The fans have been very supportive of the new mascot and we have seen a huge increase in activity on our Facebook page as well as the official AnimeCoin Discord. If you make a fan art of the mascot, please feel free to message it to us on our social channels or submit it to the art channels in Discord!

Closing Thoughts

“It has been our pleasure to work with Bizurk and Anime Coin to create the base design for Anime Coin’s mascot. She doesn’t have a name yet but I’m sure you guys can come with a beautiful name for her. Please go and create gorgeous artworks of her!” – Ng KC

Her name of course, is Anico!

Collateral Damage Studios has been incredible in helping us get our new branding and mascot on point! Feel free to follow them on social and reach out if you have any projects!


AnimeCoin Mascot Design

We would love to see fan arts of our mascot! We host contests and give away free AnimeCoins to those who submit great fan art to our contests!

Stay updated!